Sparkling tea

Inspired by the world of sommeliers, Lao’s Sparkling tea is a festive, alcohol-free drink, to be enjoyed without moderation. It recalls the complexity and finesse of sparkling wines.

For Lao, Gyokuro Okabe was the perfect tea to create their first premium and festive alcohol-free drink.

Gyokuro Okabe


Gyokuro Okabe –  Green shade tea from Japan


Offered here in a very festive version, the Gyokuro Okabe comes from the Gyokuro style, also called “Precious Dew”. The Gyokuro style is an ancient cultivation method that consists in covering the leaves of the tea plant a few weeks before harvesting and therefore depriving the leaves of a percentage of sunlight. This method reduces the flavonoids responsible for the astringency of the tea. This provides the time and conditions necessary for the leaves to develop a great sweetness and a rich aromatic complexity.

Always hand-picked, Gyokuro is the highest grade of tea in Japan. It is harvested only once a year.

Tasting notes


Clean effervescence and opulent texture.


Captivating scents of tropical fruits and sweet spices.


A buttery edge rises to flavors of peaches, pears and honeydew melon, followed by a finish that evokes the bitterness of a peach pit.

Lao’s Sparkling tea is also available in a large number of grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and various merchants in Quebec.

You can also find them online on the Apéro à zéro store.

Elegant and sophisticated, but also fun and festive.

Perfect for every occasion