Lao Kombucha was born in 2008 with the meeting of two young enthusiast entrepreneurs and with the reunion, a couple of years later, of their complementary passions. Birds of a feather flock together, isn’t it what we say?

Calm and thoughtful, Jonathan loves martial arts. He finds himself in Taoism, which he discovered and rediscovered in China, where he lived for almost a year with his girlfriend. From Tai Chi to Wing Chun and Baji, a martial art once practised by the Imperial Guard in China, he likes when things are in motion. And what better way to move than to go outside to release all this energy? While camping in the wild and hiking on the mountains in the province of Québec or in the West, that is where he is the happiest.

Spontaneous and full of energy, Vincent left the cook suit to put on the one from the Canadian Armed Forces. Between Afghanistan and the floods of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, he developed his passion for fermentation by creating his own craft beers. However, the art of hop wasn’t enough for him, so fermented tea was the next logical step. If he is not in his lair blending flavours, hops, teas and whatever he wants, you’ll find him on a sailboat, a climbing wall or riding a motorcycle wherever he can feel alive and free.

It was thus through a natural evolution that Jonathan and Vincent came with the idea of creating their own kombucha to allow the world to discover this drink that is still not very well known by the people of Québec, but which is growing in popularity.

Propriétaire Lao Kombucha
Propriétaire Lao Kombucha


Less than a year after the start of LAO, the rapid growth of the company led Vincent and Jonathan to wear more hats than was humanly possible. Kim and Philippe, who had already been involved with the distribution and representation in the Montreal area from the very beginning, officially joined the two entrepreneurs as partners in October 2017.

Creative and passionate, Kim is an assumed yogi. She loves everything about personal development, spirituality and past lives. For her, meditation is a source of infinite self-knowledge. If she is not in her room performing healing rituals, you'll find her in the kitchen experimenting with her latest Pinterest discovery. She loves everything about vegan cooking and has more than one trick in her bag. Unable to follow recipes, she ends up (almost always) impressing her guests. This is how Kim acquired her title of Spiritual Marketing Guru.

Organized and full of resources, Philippe always finds a solution to everything. Inspired by life in general, he constantly needs to work on a project. Recently, he discovered a passion for numbers and administration. The results and the precise calculations motivates him to go always further. It is perhaps for these reasons that he particularly loves all the stories about ancient civilizations and the secrets of our universe.

Thanks to a common love for the kombucha and knowing that Lao is a high-end product that is here to stay, Kim and Philippe did not question themselves very long before joining Lao. They hope to fulfill themselves as individuals, but also as entrepreneurs, while being able to share with the world an exciting product with a message of authenticity and quality.