Lao Kombucha, classic series

2008 Jingmai Pu'Er tea with Blueberry & Wintergreen

You never got the chance to taste to real wild blueberries directly from the bush? No worries! This delightful blend perfectly combines tasty wild blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean and wintergreen leaves to create a delicate and balanced taste of mint. Just add a Pu’er* tea aged for several years and enjoy this quite refreshing drink. Lean back, relax and be inspired by all the strength of our boreal forests. Blueberries help eliminate fats and prevent its accumulation. Wintergreen is known for its antiseptic and antirheumatic properties.

*Pu'er is a tea that is aged during several years using the traditional methods of the city of Pu'er in China.


Water, kombucha culture* (bacterial and yeast cultures), cane sugar*, wild blueberry juice, Pu Er tea*, wintergreen.

*certified organic