At Lao, we focus on authentic tea fermentation to create a must-have, premium and complex product. Our kombuchas, made with Camellia Sinensis teas, will always put quality in the foreground. Fermented for several days and then bottled, our kombuchas are made entirely in our brewery in Quebec City and then distributed throughout the province.

Lao Kombucha, classic series

Three kombuchas created from high-end teas, unique to each flavor, combined with various carefully chosen fruits and herbs. The result, our classic series, presents a kombucha both tangy and slightly sweet which gives it a complexity in the mouth as well as refreshing freshness, thanks to the delicate bubbles.

2008 JingmaiPu'er teaBlueberry & Wintergreen
Assam BanaspatyBlack teaApple & Ginger
Sencha NagashimaGreen teaElderberry & Elderberry flowers
First Natural kombucha series, Lao Kombucha

Wanting to glorify an ancient beverage, Lao Kombucha's team
launches this new series that will impress even the greatest epicureans.
Live the experience of quality teas at a higher level.

Nan Mei White tea
Nilgiri Coonoor Black Tea
First Natural kombucha series, Lao Kombucha

With boundless imagination, we always find new ways to reinvent kombucha while remaining authentic. Thus, summer and winter, this series is always eagerly awaited by our enthusiasts who know very well that their taste buds will be dazzled by our creations.

Bai Mu Dan Wang White Tea withJuniper Berries & Rosemary

Summer 2019

Kombuchaiwith Camellia Chai tea

Winter 2018-2019