• Wine and cheese reinvented

    Presented by Pictures capturated in Le Temple Sanctuaire TASTING STEPS As in all food and drink tastings, the goal is to observe the "third taste" that arises from the pairing. The sight: Observe the kombucha, its color, its opacity, its bubbles. The nose: Smell the kombucha as well as the bûchette. What aromas are released?
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  • 10 things to know about Lao Kombucha

    1. What is kombucha? Kombucha is a slightly sweetened beverage from the acetic fermentation of an infusion of tea leaves (Camellia sinensis, Latin name). 2. What is the sugar level in your kombuchas? The amount of sugar inside our kombucha is around 9g to 11g per 350 ml. As kombucha is made from fermented tea,
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  • The benefits of kombucha according to Chinese medicine

    This 2000 years old drink is considered an elixir of immortality in Asia. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: Is kombucha healthy? Why is kombucha good for your health? What are the health benefits of kombucha? Further down this article you will find the answers to your questions. But first, you should know
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