A deliciously sparkling and healthy drink

Not all teas are brewed to the same quality standards. Lao kombucha aims to offer its customers a simply unmatched product. Founded and composed of visionary young entrepreneurs, the company's mission is to serve a clientele with a superior appreciation of authenticity and quality, seeking a healthy alternative to mass consumption products.

Lao kombucha croissance 40

40% approx. annual growth rate in the kombucha market

Kombucha bienfaits sain santé

76% of Canadians aim to eat healthier

Kombucha achat québec

For 25% of people, kombucha is an addition to their usual beverage consumption

thé camellia sinensis populaire

Tea is the most popular drink in the world

A booming market

The benefits of kombucha are already well recognized. This drink originated in Asia from the fermentation of tea and has been brewed for over 2000 years for its many health benefits. Lao's superior product comes from the passion and dedication of its creators to offer modern consumers a product that can meet all requirements; whether they are flavour or benevolence. A sweet tickle of the mouth paired with an explosion of flavours for the taste buds makes the Lao drink a strong addition to a growing and under-served market.

"What we want is to simplify the choice of consumers. When they stop in front of similar drinks, the choice is easy to make: Lao »- Jonathan Cloutier, co-founder