• Kombugin Launch

    Launched August 10, 2022 An unexpected collaboration This is not kombucha... This is KOMBUGIN! It tastes like heaven and transports you to the tropics in just one sip! When gin meets Kombucha, the story of an unexpected collaboration. QUeBEC,  August 11, 2022 By Kim Decary Two Quebec City companies, Lao Kombucha and Distillerie Stadaconé, have joined forces to create the
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  • Rebranding

    unpopular truth: what's meant for you will sometimes feel scary, risky, and new. easy and calm doesn't always mean you're going the right way. the biggest rewards usually come from having the guts and perseverance to create your own path.   - yung pueblo New logo, New branding QUEBEC,  01 January, 2021 By Kim Decary
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