Is sparkling wine your drink of choice for happy hours, but you would like to drink without thinking about how much a couple of glasses are going to affect you? Here is the perfect solution for you (and us). Two types of bubbles, only one good taste.

This cocktail is made with our favorite sparkling wine and one of our kombucha. Here, we suggest the Parés Baltà, from a fully Biodynamics and family owned vineyards since 1790 mixed with our own green tea and elderberry kombucha. But feel free to mix and match with your favorites.
(Hint: It tastes amazing too with our Nan Mei white tea natural kombucha.)

For this recipe, you will need a shaker, and a champagne flute.



  1. Fill half of your champagne flute with sparkling wine
  2. Fill up the other half with Lao Kombucha green tea, elderberry and elderflowers
  3. Add a couple of frozen raspberries